Japago LLC 🔥SAVE 50% OFF🔥 - Grounding Sheet

Japago LLC 🔥SAVE 50% OFF🔥 - Grounding Sheet

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Recharge Overnight

Ground yourself overnight to reap the Earth's remarkable healing powers that may just be the single most effective medicine available.


Works for all ages

Grounding is safe and works for everyone, no matter the age. It's a 100% naturally occurring phenomenon and works identically to stepping outdoors barefoot.


Premium Skin-Friendly Materials

We use the best organic cotton available that is finely threaded with pure silver. This blend has been dermatologically tested to ensure no irritation to those even with the most sensitive skin.

barefoot people on grass with overlayed definition of grounding in terms of earth and electrons

What is Grounding?

"Earthing" or "grounding" is like plugging into the Earth's natural energy. It's the practise of connecting physically with the Earth, often by walking barefoot on grass or soil.

Earthing lets us tap into the Earth's mild negative charge to top up on energy and rebalance our body’s systems, which are by nature bioelectrical.

Our modern lifestyles insulate us from this energizing ground force. Imagine it like recharging your life's battery. Read on for benefits of earthing...

Grounding indoors with a Grounding Sheet

The Grounding Sheet transfers the Earth's electrons into your bed through the grounding cable in your wall. This allows you to receive the nurturing benefits of grounding during the comfort of your night's sleep.

This connection instantly stops dirty electricity from flowing through your body's cells, allowing you to enjoy a refreshing night's sleep. During this time, your body's healing & regenerative processes are at their natural maximum, maintaining a state of electrical neutrality.