Trigger point massager🔥SALE 45% OFF🔥

Trigger point massager🔥SALE 45% OFF🔥

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Package Include:
1Pcs * Neck Back Stretching Massage Pillow


Material: Silicone
Color: Orange

Size: As the picture shows        

About this item:

►Trapezius Massager. Designed for trapezius muscle pain relief such as tension headaches, neck, shoulder tension, jaw pain, and numbness down the arm. It has massaging knobs that target the trapezius muscle to improve its blood flow and relieve pain.
►Occipital Neuralgia Pain Relief. This occipital massage tool can relieve the headache in the back of the head or neck muscle tension. it will apply pressure to your occipital nerve and neck trigger point which helps calm tight muscles.
►Self Therapy Whenever You Need. A portable non electric neck stretcher for pain relief that is ready and convenient to use anytime, anywhere. Enhances neck relief, and helps soothe stress, migraine, neck tension, and upper back muscle pain.
►Silicone Material. This head and neck pain relief device is an ergonomically designed massage tool made of food grade silicone which makes the pressure points firm, optimal for headache neck pain release, doesn't easily deform, made to last.