JapagoLLC™ Bunion Fix🔥2024 SUMMER SALE 50% OFF🔥

JapagoLLC™ Bunion Fix🔥2024 SUMMER SALE 50% OFF🔥

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• Non-Woven Material :Crafted from non-woven material, this bunion concealer offers a comfortable and breathable experience for your feet, reducing discomfort and promoting healing.

• Unisex Design :Designed for both men and women, this hallux valgus brace is a versatile solution for foot care, suitable for all individuals.

• Rotatable Toe Separator :Featuring a rotatable toe separator, this product allows for customizable fit and comfort, adjusting to the shape and size of your toes.

• Straightening Function :Equipped with a straightening function, this pedicure finger toe concealer helps to correct toe misalignments, providing structural support and improving overall foot health.

• Adjustable Fit :The adjustable design of this bunion concealer ensures a perfect fit for everyone, offering optimal comfort and effectiveness in foot care.

• Foot Care Tool :As a crucial foot care tool, this product is an essential addition to your routine, ensuring your feet feel their best.


【Product Name】 Toe valgus corrector

【Wearing method】 Velcro elastic strap for fixation


Universal for both left and right feet

【Knob angle】 Flexible rotation 1809

【Applicable Situation】

Used for correction, fixation and support of toe valgus in the foot

【Instructions】 After fixing the foot with the thumb, adjust the angle of the thumb by rotating the knob