Sensory Lights - Touch and Visual Stimulation

Sensory Lights - Touch and Visual Stimulation

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With a few simple taps, these lights have the ability to transform any space into a stimulating, enjoyable and sensory room for kids, providing visual stimuli that can capture kids' attention and interest. Simply swipe across the areas you want to turn on and swipe again to turn off. 

By incorporating these sensory lights into daily routines, therapists, parents, and educators can provide a valuable tool in the holistic development and well-being of kids.

sensory lights touch calming autism

sensory touch lights calming autism
sensory lights for bedroom
  • Helps eye-hand coordination: Children under the spectrum often have sensory sensitivities and may engage in repetitive behaviors. Touching the lights and swiping to turn them on or off can help break the cycle of repetitive movements and encourage a wider range of motor skills. This promotes physical coordination and spatial awareness.
  • Enhances Sensory Integration: For many children, managing emotions can be challenging. Touch lights offer a calming effect through their soft, adjustable lighting. The ability to dim or control the intensity of the lights can help create a soothing atmosphere, which aids in emotional regulation and relaxation. This can be particularly useful during transitions, bedtime routines, or times of heightened stress or anxiety.
  • Improves self-regulation: This can lead to better self-regulation and overall sensory processing abilities.
  • Facilitates Communication and Interaction: Sensory lights provide a shared experience that can facilitate communication and interaction among children and their peers, siblings, or caregivers. These Tap-Tap lights can act as a point of focus and mutual interest, allowing for joint attention and shared play experiences. This can contribute to the development of social skills, turn-taking, and joint activities.

sensory touch lights calming autism
hexagon sensory lights

The touch-sensitive light is the perfect tool to use with your youngster, allowing you to create a calming and cozy atmosphere or a stimulating environment with just a few simple taps. It fosters curiosity and social interaction through tactile and optical play, making it an ideal choice for children on the autism spectrum.

Sensory touch lights assist these children with sensory input, active engagement, a soothing effect, visual aid, and social connections, all tailored to their individual needs. These features contribute to their overall growth and peace of mind, providing a range of benefits from a calming glow to a playful companion, helping your child grow and develop in various ways.

sensory touch lights calming autism
calming lights