JapagoLLC™ - Wrist Supports

JapagoLLC™ - Wrist Supports

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Wrist Pain While Riding?

While riding, you subconsciously make hundreds of tiny adjustments with your wrists, overworking your joints and hand ligaments. This can lead to pain, especially when dealing with carpal tunnel, tendonitis, arthritis, or an injured wrist. 

This pain should not be ignored, as it can escalate to chronic wrist discomfort and may even force you to stop riding altogether.


Throttle Tiger Wrist Support

The Tiger Wrist Support is tailored for motorcyclists, it ensures an enjoyable journey without compromises by offering supportive wrist compression.

Made For Bikers

With targeted, ergonomic compression around your wrists, the brace absorbs vibrations, minimizing the impact of micro-adjustments, and reducing strain on your joints and ligaments.

Adaptable Comfort for All Rides

Engineered for versatility, the Throttle Tiger Support Brace allows you to ride without compromises. Whether you're on a motorcycle, snowmobile, ATV, car, or truck, experience comfort and support on every journey.

Ride Without Limitations

With proper support you can enjoy pain-free rides, empowering you to explore the open road without limitations. Bringing back your full riding potential.


1.Helps relieve pain caused by wrist sprain or strain
2.Prevent further injury and support weak muscles
3.Elastic materials provide more comfortable support
4.Designed for frequent use
5.There is no metal strip to avoid restricting the natural movement of the wrist


Color: two kinds of black/skin color
Material: nylon
Size: 9.5 * 13.5cm/3.74 * 5.31in Belt length: about 21.5cm/8.46in
Applicable scenes: fitness equipment, hiking, hiking, camping, cycling, martial arts self-defence, health massage, etc

Package include:

Wrist Supports* 1 pair