🔥2024 SUMMER SALE 60% OFF🔥Kiierr Laser Cap Hair Growth System

🔥2024 SUMMER SALE 60% OFF🔥Kiierr Laser Cap Hair Growth System

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Effective and Advanced Hair
Regrowth Treatment

Kiierr Laser Caps use only premium laser diodes (650nm wavelength) for maximum hair growth (no LED’S). In addition, you get a 2 yr product warranty so you can feel confident your purchase is protected. If you experience any issues, we’ll send you a new unit absolutely free!


Order today, and in 2-3 business days, you can start replacing hair loss with hair growth.

Clinically Proven to
Safely Grow Hair in just 30 Minutes

The Kiierr Laser Cap uses scientifically proven LLLT technology to regenerate your hair follicles giving them increased energy & blood flow. In just 30 minutes every other day you’ll see those frail follicles transform into thick & healthy hair once again!

How To Use

Place the device comfortably on your head and push the on button to begin your session. The laser cap will automatically turn off when finished.

There’s no need for technical knowledge or any kind of struggle. The Kiierr272Premier Laser Cap requires no manual effort. Simply put it on your head, relax, and enjoy your day while the laser treatment does its work.

And did we mention it’s safe? Clinical studies have confirmed that this Low-Level Light Therapy (LLLT) is safe, and has been used in clinics for
decades with wonderful results–but now you can use it from the comfort of your own home, car, or wherever you are!

Kiierr Laser Cap is an Affordable
Hair Regrowth Option

Until recently, this incredible technology was available only through expensive machines and procedures
performed by physicians. Now, with Kiierr you can utilize LLLT to grow hair in your own home for a more
comfortable, time-efficient and more affordable hair loss treatment.

Who is The Kiierr Laser Cap For?

The Kiierr Laser Cap is meant for men and women–anyone suffering from androgenetic alopecia (pattern baldness). The cap is designed specifically to be unisex: it looks just as good on a woman as it does on a man. And you don’t need to wait until your hair problem has gotten out of control! As soon as you start noticing receding, thinning, and balding, now is the time to start using the cap.

But what if your problem is bad enough that you think you need an in-clinic laser treatment? The Kiierr system is one of the most powerful and comprehensive hair growth systems developed, and has an equivalent output that’s as good, or better, than in-clinic lasers!

The Kiierr laser cap is designed for people who are suffering from early-to-medium symptoms of hair loss. A Kiierr cap is not designed to treat severe cases (someone who is completely bald). So now is the time to get on top of your hair care and solve the problem before it gets worse!

The initial LLLT treatment period is three to four sessions a week, and there’s no clinical proof that increased treatments will make the hair grow faster or better. However, after the initial treatment period for the Kiierr laser cap (four to twelve months) you should continue to use the cap once or twice a week to maintain hair quality. (It’s not recommended to use more than once a day.)