Japago LLC 🔥2024 SUMMER SALE 45% OFF🔥- Neck Brace

Japago LLC 🔥2024 SUMMER SALE 45% OFF🔥- Neck Brace

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If you suffer from Snoring & Sleep Apnea, you need to hear this!

Snoring and sleep apnea are caused when the neck is not in its natural postion. This narrows the airway and causes the throat to vibrate.

You might think that using an expensive apparatus strapped to your face is the answer. But it wont work. Because it doesn't treat the root cause, which is the neck being out of its natural position and causing the airway to narrow.

When the airway narrows, the soft tissue in your throat vibrates. it can even stop your breathing which leads to hypertension and even a heart attack. Solving the problem is not as simple as buying a breathing machine because it will not realign the neck.

As long as yourr cervical spine is out of alignment, you'll be trapped in an endless cycle of stuffing your face with a machine in the hope of eliminating snoring.

Stop Snoring and Sleep Apnea in Just One Night

Japago partnered with a leading physiotherapist to create the Snooze cervical correction brace. He was among the very first to investigate the link between posture and snoring.

This breakthrough neck brace takes on much of the weight of the head to keep it in its natural position while sleeping.

The secret lies in its unique cervical alignment technology, that realigns the cervical spine to prevent narrowing of the throat. This stops the soft tissues in the throat vibrating and thus alleviating snoring and preventing breathing disruptions.

Snooze is not temporary solution - it targets the root cause for long-term benefits. Just wrap it comfortably around your neck and it will immediately start working. Realigning your cervical spine prevents the annoying course of vibrations from the throat soft tissues and freeing you from snoring for good.

Since the launch we've helped over 11.293 people get rid of snoring 

Snooze uses proprietary Cervical Alignment Technology to put the neck in its proper position. It's recommended By Physiotherapists because it's proven to stop snoring and correct posture.
it's easy to wear design makes it perfect for men and women of any age who snore, and have sleep apnea. It's key benefits include aligning the neck to prevent the airway form narrowing, which prevents throat vibration during sleep.
We're that confident it will improve your sleep. In fact, we personally guarantee it. If your sleep doesn't improve immediately, you will get all your money back.



Soft Foam Cervicorrect Neck Brace: Our neck brace is made of soft foam material, providing a comfortable and supportive fit for your neck.
Neck Support Brace for Sleeping: Designed specifically for sleeping, our neck support brace helps maintain proper alignment and reduces strain on your neck during sleep.
Relief Neck Pain Support Cervical Collar: Our cervical collar is specially designed to provide relief from neck pain by supporting and stabilizing the vertebrae, promoting proper alignment.
Adjustable Relieves Pressure in Spine Collar: With its adjustable design, our neck collar offers a customized fit that helps relieve pressure on the spine, providing targeted support for your neck.
Gift for Friends Family Members: Our neck collar makes a thoughtful gift for friends, family members, or anyone in need of neck support. Show you care by giving the gift of comfort and pain relief.



Material: Cotton, Foam


M: 40cm

L: 42cm



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Package Includes:

1*Soft Foam Cervicorrect Neck Brace